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David's Birthday Bash ΔΠΣ 05.Dec.2005 ΔΠΣ 08.Jan.2006
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Release of "Rehearsal Space" CD is one small step closer ΔΠΣ 01.Dec.2005 ΔΠΣ 08.Jan.2006 for mobile devices up and running ΔΠΣ 28.Nov.2005 ΔΠΣ 08.Jan.2006
A New News Newsletter ΔΠΣ 22.Nov.2005 ΔΠΣ 08.Jan.2006
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Scooter might be able to do lights! ΔΠΣ 23.Nov.2005 ΔΠΣ 27.Dec.2005
Recording of "Rehearsal Space" ΔΠΣ 22.Nov.2005 ΔΠΣ 01.Dec.2005
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Song Lyrics

Archived: 06.Feb.2006 by ΔΠΣ
   A new pop-up page for our Song Lyrics has been created! It can be accessed through the Media page Navigation Column.
   Not all of our songs are there yet, but look forward to them being there soon. It was initialized with 5 songs, so check it out!
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 05.Jan.2006

New Recordings

Archived: 06.Feb.2006 by ΔΠΣ
   We have several new recordings available on the media page, of which are new mixes and full versions. David acquired some really fantastic (and free) software for doing the mixes in 16 track stereo right onto his computer.
   These recordings have a crisper sound to them and are edited/produced much more nicely. They still aren't the final versions, as he is just learning the capabilities of the software, but the recordings are a marked improvement over the old. Thus when the CD is finally released, all the production will have been made in the digital realm also, making the release a full DDD CD, whereas before it was DAD.
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 04.Jan.2006

Web Site Back on Line

Archived: 06.Feb.2006 by ΔΠΣ
   After nearly a month hiatus, the web site is finally back on line! We apologize for any terrible inconvenience to our friends, family and listeners. Likewise, all the links and e-mail addresses will be re-established shortly. Thank you for your patience, and your continued prayers.
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 27.Dec.2005

David's Birthday Bash

Archived: 08.Jan.2006 by ΔΠΣ
   I would like to take the time to honor my good friends, the Verderbers and the Binkleys for the wonderful Birthday Bash they gave me at the Verderbers' abode hidden in the woods behind Sharon Springs. Also, thank you too, Kelly who was there also. I have managed to make it another year on this planet, and I am thankful for my friends and family, and especially my three daughters whom I love and adore. Your gifts were wonderful but I am most appreciative of the fact that you cared about me enough to dare the weather to spend time with me.
   I also want to take a moment to take total advantage of the fact that I, being the administrator of this web-site, can put anything here I want to, and I'd just like to thank the Lord that I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the finest musicians I have ever personally known. When I listened to the CD on my way home last Wednesday (despite it's imperfections) I just realized how incredibly blessed I am to work with these three guys. Never before have I ever been so personally gratified with the creation of any quasi-material thing as I am with the music of B2bB. I know we're all about humility, but I just want to say, I am absolutely proud to be a member of this team. I don't dare say how any of us might fare alone, but together, we are fully remarkable because of the good grace of our God. Thank you, Jesus for bringing us together.
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 05.Dec.2005

New Bred 2b Broken Web Site Supplants Old

Archived: 08.Jan.2006 by ΔΠΣ
   The old web site is finally out and supplanted with the newer XHTML Version. The old version has been archived and will be available for viewing (for anybody who's interested) soon, but many of the links must be reformatted so they work in its new resting place.
   For now, you can enjoy the best of the B2bB web-site the way it is now formatted with real XHTML. This version is far superior and more professional than the older 'canned' version.
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 04.Dec.2005

Release of "Rehearsal Space" CD is one small step closer

Archived: 08.Jan.2006 by ΔΠΣ
   On Wednesday, November 29th at aproximated six o'clock p.m., David and Kurt converged upon the studio where Roy already was. The normally scheduled rehearsal night had been rescheduled for the 4th as commitments wouldn't allow Matt to make it. Thus, with renewed effort, the band stepped closer to finalizing their demonstration CD, "Rehearsal Space" by finishing off some backing vocals for "Space Explorer" and downmixing it as well as the final version of "Wanna' Be" and a re-mix of "Humble Stance". All three of these pieces can be found in their entirety on our media page.
   All that is left is to complete four more tracks and the full demonstration CD will be available, hopefully by Christmas as anticipated.
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 01.Dec.2005 for mobile devices up and running

Archived: 08.Jan.2006 by ΔΠΣ
   Our website now accomodates mobile devices. The dedicated mobile site is currently located at which is now available. You must enable pop-ups fom this url in order for this window to open. All graphics and sounds are formatted for the typical mobile device (128 pixel width & mp3 audio.) We are also posting a pic-of-the-week - a photograph of something band-related. There are also 5 downloadable ring-tones of various song clips of ours.
   Since I myself have a Sony Ericsson z500a and I'll be taking Java next semester, I shall also create Bred 2b Broken Theme for mobile devices with the 128x160 display size as one of my projects, which you'll be able to download from our site here in the spring. Or, maybe sooner if I teach myself first!
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 28.Nov.2005

A New News Newsletter

Archived: 08.Jan.2006 by ΔΠΣ
   We are starting a Newsletter very shortly which will keep our listeners aware of what's going on. If you're interested in joining the e-mail list, click here. The Newsletter will be sent out bcc'd so you don't have to worry about anybody else seeing your e-mail address.
   I'm hoping to get Kurt's help with this. He's a fantastic writer and since we're already looking forward to working together on a professional writing project anyway, it'll give us some practice. As soon as we can say anything of pertinence about that I'll be sure to let you know right here on this page (and perhaps even in the Newsletter too...)
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 22.Nov.2005

Web-Site 'Project Proto-type' Handed in

Archived: 27.Dec.2005 by ΔΠΣ
   I had to hand in a printed version of the proto-type today (which is actually this web site) which ended up about 150 pages long, and wasn't even the whole web-site. This included the print out of the code (which you can see by right clicking your mouse while pointing to an empty space on the page, ie: not at text, a pic or a link; and then clicking "View Source") and a print-out of what the page looked like, although I think my Professor only wanted the code itself.
   I hope I do well in this class. It means a lot to me to get an 'A'.
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 29.Nov.2005

World-Wide Proof Readers

Archived: 27.Dec.2005 by ΔΠΣ
   We'd like to thank our World-Wide Proof Readers for proof reading and submitting the spelling errors that they find. If you find any please contact the web site administrator. Please let us know what was found misspelled, and where you found it (page, topic, paragraph, etc. would be helpfull...)
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 26.Nov.2005

Website reformatted to accomodate 800 pixel wide screens

Archived: 27.Dec.2005 by ΔΠΣ
   This is something that should've been done all along. I checked the web-site out with my old lap-top which only has a 800x600 display, which is what about 80% of most people still use (my new lap-top that I bought with the student loan money is a 17" wide screen display set to 1440x900, which can make it easy to forget about width formatting issues since pretty much nobody makes anything specifically wider than that.)
   This should make it much more comfortable to view the entire web-site, as scrolling left and right is annoying and cumbersome. The web-site was originally meant to accomodate an 800 pixel wide screen, but having the wider display available made it easy to overlook as content was added. Since there was a lot of visual media, it was formatted with absolute widths to save the browser the time necessary for redraws that occur when width is not fixed, and the user changes the size of the screen through a restore or manually.
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 26.Nov.2005

Scooter might be able to do lights!

Archived: 27.Dec.2005 by ΔΠΣ
   I sent a message to Scooter asking him to check out the new web site, specifically his biography. This apparently has got him excited enough to see about re-joining the band as Lighting and Effects Technician. This is truly great news, and if confirmed will be a remarkable and wonderful turn of events!
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 23.Nov.2005

Recording of "Rehearsal Space"

Archived: 01.Dec.2005 by ΔΠΣ
   We have several songs completely recorded onto digital multi-track. Currently only one, "Humble Stance" is complete in it's entirety. The rest are ordered bits on the 24 track. We're experiencing a bit of 'hummmmm' with the analog outputs on the ADAT, so we're gonna' try switching it with the ADAT-XT which I was using for the input A/D conversion (light piped to the Fostex HDR) Of course it could be the cables, because we're too poor to afford nice ones.
   Nevertheless, with Mark's help (he's learning quickly!) and energy and fresh set of ears, we can get through this, and a complete CD shall soon be released. Perhaps as early as by Christmas! (so reserve your copy now...)
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 22.Nov.2005

Revisions - Originally on News Page - Discontinued

Date:12.Jan.2006 | Rev: O | By: ΔΠΣ
Date:08.Jan.2006 | Rev: N | By: ΔΠΣ
Date:05.Jan.2006 | Rev: M | By: ΔΠΣ
Date:01.Jan.2006 | Rev: L | By: ΔΠΣ
Date:27.Dec.2005 | Rev: K | By: ΔΠΣ
  • got web site back on line. Made several revisions on multiple pages
Date:04.Dec.2005 | Rev: J | By: ΔΠΣ
  • pulled 'archives' from this page and set up as a pop-up. Began archiving older material
Date:01.Dec.2005 | Rev: I | By: ΔΠΣ
Date:30.Nov.2005 | Rev: H | By: ΔΠΣ
Date:29.Nov.2005 | Rev: G | By: ΔΠΣ
Date:28.Nov.2005 | Rev: F | By: ΔΠΣ
Date:26.Nov.2005 | Rev: E | By: ΔΠΣ
  • reformatted the file structure for linked files
  • corrected some gramatical as well as spelling errors throughout the site
  • reformatted the entire site to fit on an 800 pixel wide screen, it was just a bit too wide (by 40 pixels)
  • added photgraphs to the photos section of the Media page
Date:25.Nov.2005 | Rev: D | By: ΔΠΣ
  • formatted 'Promotion' web-page
  • changed underlining of <a> tag elements when mouse hovers to yellow hi-lites
  • added copyright notification on bottom of all web pages
  • updated my own biography as well as formatting on the 'Biographies' web-page
  • edited some items for clarity, readability and political correcness, as it were
  • edited and updated/corrected other various sundries
Date:24.Nov.2005 | Rev: C | By: ΔΠΣ
  • formatted 'Events' web-page and added calendars to it
  • corrected some formatting issues
  • corrected song title Not my Fight
Date:23.Nov.2005 | Rev: B | By: ΔΠΣ
Date:22.Nov.2005 | Rev: A | By: ΔΠΣ

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