Bred 2b Broken is an Ultra High Molecular Weight Christian Polymer Band based out of Richmondville, NY
Kurt Roy Matt David
B2bB Biographies
Unfortunately, neither Scooter nor Mark are with us any longer. However, they are still with us in spirit. Well, neither actually died but they couldn't make it to rehearsals at all - which is a shame because they could've been great Media Technicians.
The Media Technician is responsible to make what the band does sound good: to the audience and the band. And that's no easy task, and the band is again searching for an individual who has the desire and the motivation to do this with us.

These are actually Auto-Biographies as narrarated by the member themself.

A Pastor's Kid!Matt Edmister -Rythm & Lead Guitar, Backing & Lead Vocals

   This is here for now because Matt doesn't even know he has to write an auto-bio for this space.

   Matt's father is the Pastor of the church that Roy goes to. He lives in Oneonta, works for FYE (as the store manager), his (current) girlfriend's name is Stefanie, a vegetarian whom often brings her own food to rehearsals (she reminded me of this...) Matt's the youngest musician in the group, although no longer the youngest member.
   Matt has brought a certain unique spice to the group, though his sense of humor (the foremost of qualifying factor's for group membership in our clique' anyway...) is homogenous with the rest of us. In reality, it seems in some ways that he brings a certain balance to the band. I can't explain it, it's just something you have to feel.

   Gotta go work on other parts of this web-site for now. In the future look for Matt's auto-bio rather than this cop-out! -ΔΠΣ

"Matt's favorite Bible Scripture Goes Here" - Ref Ch:Vs (Ver)

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Jack of all trades and a master of, well: most.David P Snare - 'ΔΠΣ' -Bass, Keyboards, Pedals & Backing Vocals

C:\ Hey all... Logging in...

   Wow, I suppose I can write about myself in first person, for a change. Well alrighty then... I live in Schenectady, NY. I'm currently a full time student majoring in Computer Science at Schenectady County Community College.
   I started going back to school to finally get my degree because I was pretty tired of being an over-qualified grunt with my previous employer; who actually empowered me to go back to school by lovingly pushing me out of the nest. Thus I'm the one (obviously) who put the web page together. But I'd like to thank my pedagogs: Professors Horowitz and Grossman, for all they've taught me and more importantly: untaught me. Bad habits are hard to break, but they're doing a great job of helping me to re-focus.
   I'd really love to go on about the computer programming and web-development side of things, but I suppose this web page is about the band, and not my programming. Let the programming speak for itself.

   I have lived in Schenectady for most of my life. However, I did attend Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK from 1986 to 1987 studying electrical engineering/computer science and music. I didn't do so well that time around (having undiagnosed ADD didn't help any!), and lost all my financial aid due to poor performance.

Kashmir I

   After coming back home, I concentrated on improving my musicianship and began learning about recording and production. My first 'recording studio' was called 'Kashmir Recording Studio' and was nothing more than an old four track, a couple of mics and outboard effects and the most primative of mixing boards imaginable. But here is where I learned a lot of basic recording and production techniques. It was in my parents' attic (where my bed-room was - I was still a teen-ager after all!)

Kashmir II

   When I moved out of my parents house and in with my soon-to-be wife, the studio moved into the attic of my new place. There I called it 'Kashmir/Attic Recording Studio'. The equipment I had there was a hundred times better, and I had my wife to thank for that seeing as she bought (almost) all of it for me. This consisted of a much higher quality 4 track, an 8 track dedicated midi recorder/mixer, two keyboards, a Yamaha MX1642 mixing board, the same mics and some newer outboard effects, and a D4 drum module to supplant the older archaic Boss (don't remember the model number...) Drum Machine to hold the rythm. I wasn't really a drummer, though I could play if I needed to. However, the sounds on the D4 were incredibly realistic (for it's time) and could allow me to compose (via midi) incredibly complex drum parts to go with the music. It was actually during this era when I wrote 'Piece of Clay', 'Poor Man' and 'I will be Glad in the Lord' which are now B2bB tunes, albeit somewhat different than their original counterparts! Here's the enirety of the original 'Piece of Clay' recorded 1992, just a few months prior to getting married.
As producer, promoter and manager of 'Angel Heart' I was also responsible for the promotional material.
Angel Heart Promotional Cover Sheet
   The keyboards, drums and bass were all recorded to midi which was synched with the four track. All the instruments and vocals were done by me. During this same period I was also producing and doing live sound for a band called 'Angel Heart' which was a Christian Band consisting of some old friends from my early teens.
   Although I wasn't playing in the band, I was actually doing what I loved best at the time, and that was sound reinforcement and live production.
   Unfortunately, as things go, the band fell apart due to some internal struggles that I vainly tried my best to help them work through. In fact, they were supposed to open up for "Stryper" at the Palace Theater in Albany, NY, two months after this photo was taken. Nevertheless, it simply didn't work out. Angel Heart at Heatley School Auditorium, Green Island, NY June, 1992
Angel Heart
   Soon after that, I ran into financial difficulties.
   When financial hard times hit, I had to sell everything, keeping only my guitar and the mixing board that I still had from the first 'Kashmir'. But that wasn't before really honing my recording/production skills. I had at least the opportunity to professionally engineer for "Angel Heart", and I was also doing sound at my church (Spirit & Truth in Schenectady with pastor James Bookhout.) Likewise I began teaching sound reinforcement in churches and professionally for David's Tabernacle School of the Arts as well as Empire State College. This is where I developed my love for teaching.
   Thus I began teaching guitar to supplement my income. I taught for several years, working my way up to a dozen or so regular students at a time. By 1994 I had found myself in the employment of Sealed Air Scotia (where I met Scooter.) and by the Spring of 1996 I was back in college, at SCCC, where I took one more semester of Computer Science. Despite doing incredibly well this time around (I got a 4.0 average, yee hah!), it was simply too much having a family, working full time, teaching guitar and going to school full time. I had to leave school after that one sememster, but I vowed I would return. One rather interesting development here is that my Computer Science teacher was Ed J. Smith (who still teaches there!) who believe it or not, was the addressee of the first Uni-Bomber bomb! And, in another bizarre twist, he also worked with Kurt at the same time he was teaching me (and Kurt and I didn't even know one another yet! Small world...)
   By the end of 1997, I had to drop all my guitar students because we moved out to Schoharie County, NY which made my students' commuting unmanageable. Here's where I first began teaching myself about digital recording, and started learning production and editing on a computer, which after all kind of made sense seeing as computers were one of my fortés. One of my first tasks was to digitize all my earlier analog recordings.
   My next musical adventure (besides Praise and Worship at my new church, Calvary AOG in Cobleskill NY) was with the band "Cross Reference".

Kashmir III

   Unfortunately, as far as fortés go, relationships were not one of them. Thus my marriage of 13 years finally fell apart, and I moved back to my parents house (a humbling turn of events.) But not after finally hooking up with my brother Kurt (we went to different high schools together!) and establishing the newest attempt at reviving 'Kashmir' with the same old mixing board and some computers. The last thing I ever recorded at my house was this short piano piece, which was really just a mic placement test for my upright acoustic piano. The first 8 bars actually evolved into the intro for "I will be Glad" Nevertheless, the lion's share of what went on during this period is actually written about on the History page, so there's no need to re-hash.

Kashmir IV

   This is where history really ebbs and flows into the present. The latest and greatest of the recording equipment is now at Roy's house in his basement, aptly titled "Kashmir IV/Highview Recording Studio" which is actually our rehearsal space too. Now I'm teaching sound to Mark (having prior started teaching Scooter...)
   I'm now in the second semester of College, Spring Session 2004. Here's a copy of my research paper for Music Appreciation from last semester in its entirety.

C:\ Logging out...

"Εν αρχη ην ó λογος, και ó λογος ην προς τον Θεον, και Θεος ην ó λογος." - Ìοννης α:α (TR - Stephanus 1550)

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How you aposta' know where ahm goin', if you ain't been where I been, unerstan' where I'm comin' from?...Kurt E Verderber -Lead & Rythm Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals

   Yo, yo...wassup! I live in Sharon Springs, NY (that's in Schoharie County, upstate New York, about an hour from Albany). In my Real Life, I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the State University of New York (Cobleskill). I have been at Cobleskill about seven years and thoroughly enjoy teaching. How did I get here? It's a long and winding story.


   I grew up on Long Island, NY, and entered the Army right out of high school. I needed money for college and that seemed to be the way to go. While stationed in Germany, I met my future wife, built up my confidence, and accrued enough funds to begin college. I had always been interested in engineering, so when we came back to the states, I began studying electrical engineering. I finished my BS in electrical engineering at Clarkson University. (Unfortunately, that money from Uncle Sam ran out quicker than I expected so I went back to the original source via the ROTC program). After graduation, we headed back in the Army, back to Germany and finished up my second commitment.

   After military life, I worked for TRW as a software engineer, and then for Westinghouse as a project engineer on nuclear submarines for the Navy. I did that for about 3 years until I decided that engineering wasn't what I thought it would be. I wanted to feel that my daily activities made more of an impact on people. My second choice in high school had always been to be a teacher, so I resigned and went back to school at the University of Albany. Two years later, with two Master's degrees completed (mathematics and mathematics education), I began teaching where I am now.

   I have two children, a fifteen year-old daughter and a thirteen year-old son, who are both involved in just about every activity imaginable.


   Act I is the "surface me." In Act I, I was definitely not walking with the Lord. It took the collapse of my marriage and a downward-spiraling relationship with my kids before I hit the proverbial "rock bottom" and came back to God. I say "came back," because I grew up attending an Assembly of God church, professing Christianity, but my heart and mind were nowhere near Jesus.
Kurt and Kimberly    In May 2001, after being a Prodigal Son for 17 years, I recommitted my heart to Christ...that's when Act II began. Fortunately, God can and will welcome home the Prodigal, but He's not on the hook for cleaning up the mess that we make with our decisions. My marriage dissolved, but He has brought healing to my relationship with my beautiful kids (Alanna and CJ), and...he has been faithful in providing me with a wonderful, beautiful, God-fearing wife - Kimberly.

   I have been blessed enough to be able to lead worship at the church I attend (Calvary Assembly of God, Cobleskill), and blessed doubly to hook up with my 4 other brothers-from-other-mothers, friends, and music-matez!! I love creating the songs that God inspires us with and my dream is to go on tour and share that music with as many people as the Lord allows.

   Musicians always talk about the groups and musicians that have impacted their musical endeavors. I have always enjoyed and listened to Rush, Led Zeppelin, and Dream Theater. More recently, I have enjoyed The Newsboys, Third Day, and Steven Curtis Chapman. I think the musician that has influenced me most is my own best friend David (he rulz!). Remember, there's no such thing as Christian music, just Christian lyrics...God loves it all!

"Gentle speech breaks down rigid defenses." - Proverbs 25:15b (MSG)

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I got these here fishing poles at the 'Mislabelled Shop'. It was a great deal, even though they ended up being drumsticks instead!Roy A Bilby -Fisherman, Drums and Backing Vocals

   I have been playing drums since I was 12, which gives me 34 years on the skins. This is my 4th Christian band.
   I was raised in a Christian home and was always well grounded in my faith. I could not imagine my life ever being without the guidance and direction of the Lord in my life. I feel I've been blessed every step of the way.

Part I

   From an early age I desired to be a drummer and was always pounding beats out on anything within reach. I began taking lessons when I was 12 and became involved in my first Christian band when I was a Junior in High School. "The Smith Family" came and did a concert at our Church. They were an already established traveling band, but had lost their drummer. I auditioned 2 days later and ended up traveling all over the Northeast with them for the next 4 years gaining valuable experience and exposure. We recorded some and actually taped for 4 different Christian Television programs over that time span. In fact, that is how I met my wife of 25 years, Rebecca, my soul mate, best friend, and the love of my life. Her father, Pastor Richard Countermine, had a cable studio called Sacred Sound where he taped a Christian talk show and we provided music on the show for a couple years.
   I started dating his daughter and two and a half years later we were married, and he officiated! I moved to Saratoga which effectively separated me from the band, which was based in Cobleskill. While in Saratoga I was involved with another Christian band called "Rapture Train" which was all original Christian rock. But after two years I came back to Schoharie County and spent 20 years as a foreman doing heavy construction.

Part II

   My wife and I started a family and bought our first house. The drums were in and out at times, but I was never involved in any musical projects. Raising a family and making a living took center stage for quite a while. In 1999 I again became active musically in a Christian band called "Cross Reference". In my second year with that band I met David and we had an instant connection. But in a little over a year that project dissolved and I wasn't playing again.
   Then in November of 2004 David and I hooked up again. He brought in Kurt, I brought in Matt - and we formed our current band, B2bB. I feel very blessed as I am playing the music I have always wanted to play and I'm playing with 3 talented musicians who I have great respect for. We all bring in ideas and blend well and truly enjoy evolving our music and musicianship. It works well for us.

Part III

   I live in Richmondville in the woods in a house we built 4 years ago. My wife and I have two grown children. A daughter that is 22 and a son that is 20. I am an avid outdoorsman and spend as much free time as possible on the water or in the woods. If you start a conversation about music with me it will end up being about bass tournaments. Trust me, it always happens. And if you start a conversation with me about bass tournaments, it will likewise end up being about bass tournaments. This also happens.
   Thoug I've been playing drums for 34 years now I still strive to improve my ability and technique. I get to play on a big set of Pearls, double bass, 8 toms and a deep chrome snare, surrounded by Zildjian and Sabian cymbals. I'm like a kid in a candy store behind that kit. I'm having a great time in this band and am grateful that the Lord has pooled us together to deliver his message through music and word. And thanks for asking about the bass tournaments!

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your paths." - Proverbs 3:5&6 (NKJ)

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