Bred 2b Broken is an Ultra High Molecular Weight Christian Polymer Band based out of Richmondville, NY
Kurt Roy Matt David
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We know your time is valuable! Please listen to our music, navigate the site and by all means, enjoy yourself. It means a lot to us that you have taken the time to visit our website. Likewise, we would greatly appreciate any feedback you could give us at all. So, if you still have time, please sign our Guest Book.
We won't include your e-mail address with your comments, and if you join our e-mailing list (when we get around to having something important to send...) all bulk-corrospondance will be sent bcc to keep it from being abused by potential spammers.
Our primary focus is to serve God, but our secondary purpose is to bring God to you the best way we know how--and that's by bringing you our music which is akin to our primary focus: serving God. But we hope you don't automatically stereo-type us because of our faith and belief. We're not trying to sell anything, that is: shove Jesus down anybody's throat. That decision is yours and yours alone to make. We could only hope that you would simply give our music as fair a shot as any, because it's meant to be as emotional & sincere, well thought out & technical and energetic & entertaining as any other music out there. As it was written on the back of Boston's first album: "Just listen to it..."

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The following comments are from some of Professor Verderber's students...
  • Okay, this site is okay!! I guess. But your still corny Professor Verderder - Kara Kadesha
  • Humble Stance is a good song it sounds good - Janet
  • humble stance was a cool song. i like what you guys are doing because not too many people make music about God maybe because many people think its not the norm or they feel that God is not supposed to be in rock but for myself it does not matter how u show - Terrie (Rate our music: 8.5)
  • Great music, great rhythm to it. Never thought my math teacher would be a rock star though... - Greg Simmons (Rate our music: 8 of 10)
  • if i was a record label, you guys would already be signed. Kurt sounds great, any relation to Nirvanas Kurt Cobain? - Eric (Rate our music: perfect 10!)
  • Great stuff really sounds together with rythm and beat. Hope to hear it on the radio some day! - Sam
  • Once we found the stadium I was at the big show in Utica!!!!!!!! - Grady (Rate our music: fishing is better)
  • Mr. V i had no idea you were in a band.Nice! - Jess (Rate our music: amazing a new fav )
  • Hey, I havent heard of the band til now. When is the next show, It would be interesting to catch it. - Brian
  • not bad mr.v. and i can tell you that from a professional viewpoint, qualified by the fact that all but 2 of my exes have been lead vocal/guitar in bands. a pattern that has gotten me into trouble, mind you. all you band guys are bad news. JUST KIDDING (k - Stacy
  • Honestly at first before hearing the songs. I thought your music was going to be about math. Personally I'm not saying it just for saying it but I like the rhythm. The songs or great. - Maria Corporan (Rate our music: good )
  • Cool website... You guys are good and i love the pictures - Lauren (Rate our music: 9)
  • I like how you've combined rock music with sprituality. Its a nice twist compared to most christian rock that Ive heard. Keep it up I think its pretty cool. - Brittani Suto (Rate our music: very spiritual)

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