Bred 2b Broken is an Ultra High Molecular Weight Christian Polymer Band based out of Richmondville, NY
Kurt Roy Matt David
The History of B2bB
It has been a long and glorious year for Bred 2b Broken! In fact, this new web-site is the band's birthday gift to itself (which just recently celebrated its First Birthday!) as well as to you, our supporters. We are grateful that we have sojourned thus long - as the Lord has enabled!
   The history of this group is a history of growth: emotionally, physically, spiritually and musically. But also of growing together as worshippers, musicians and friends. The Lord has brought this group together to speak of Him in a manner which is comfortable to both narrarator and listener: Comfortable, yet not watered down. We speak of our God, Jesus Christ freely, but not forcibly. We wish to spread His Gospel like seeds: we can sow, but it would be both unfortunate and misrepresentative to manipulate them any further.
   We have learned and believe that the listener is the judge of our collective testimony. We could only hope one would make an honest, intelligent and pensive conclussion about our message and our music. But whatever that is, we present what we have to offer without any expecation except that one will enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy presenting it.

Digging up the past...X-Ref Days -circa late 1999 to mid September 2001

   Near the end of 1999, David muscled his way onto the stage of a nameless trio that would post-entry become known as "Cross Reference". As fate would have it, Mike M. (one of the band members) went to the same church (Calvary AOG in Cobleskill, NY) as David did, and somehow or another, David ended up at one of their rehearsals with his pink electric guitar and home-made pink guitar amplifier.
   Here, he met their drummer Roy (who would later, along with David and Kurt become a co-founder of B2bB) and front-man Todd D. who also wrote all the material. Despite a rough transition from trio to quartet, David's less than marginal lead-guitar playing ability ("...he's strictly rythm, doesn't like to make it cry or sing...") and the here-to-now untalked about personality clashes between Todd and David: they made music together!

   After a few short months of David learning the material, they were ready to play out. But the first order of business for any gigging band is to have a name (Assuming, of course that they at least had some material to perform under that heading!) This discussion was immediately terminated the moment Roy jokingly said "Well what about Cross Reference?" The rest is, well, as the title of this web page might suggest: history.
   Now, named and rehearsed; their first gig was at a nameless coffee house. Nameless because it was really nothing more than Roy's and Todd's church's auditorium set up like a cofee house. Conveniently, it was also the same hall where the band rehearsed. Thus in reality, the gig was brought to the band, not vice versa; which saved a heck of a lot of time setting up and tearing down!
Cross Reference in Lake George, NY - Click to hear a sample from this show |'One God' written by Todd Delmarter (p)2000 by Cross Reference|
Left to right: David, Mike, Roy, Todd
   Since David knew Frank Oliver, it was pretty easy (at that time anyway...) to land more gigs. The next two (and last) gigs that Cross Reference landed were through Frank and RCA Ministries (Now "Heart for Worship") The former was at an RCA function in Lake George NY, the later in Latham NY.
   The photo to the left shows the band on September 2nd, 2000 at Shepherd's Park in Lake George, NY. Notice the color of David's guitar and amp?
   Eventually for some unknown reason, mid 2001, the band just stopped rehearsing. Months later, they finally met one last time as a band the Thursday after the terrorist attack on 9/11. They didn't actually play anything that night (who could?) They simply reminisced. Of particular morbid interest was the fact that Mike's wife was actually supposed to be at the World Trade Center that tragic and historic day. But fortunately, she was running late!
   Like the Twin Towers had a mere two days prior; the band strangely, hopelessly, suddenly and needlessly collapsed.

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Digging up the past...Formation -mid September 2001 to mid November 2004

   Fortunately, David had left both his amplifier (which was now black and no longer pink) and his PA Speakers (which he had also built himself) at the rehearsal space. These eventually ended up in Roy's basement, where Todd, Mike, Roy and someone else (in lieau of David, it's supposed although not actually confirmed...) rehearsed a few more times, until eventually Roy was also dropped from the "Band Formerly Known as Cross Reference" roster. There is much debate as to how that actually transpired, but in an effort to prevent the exhumation of old wounds, it shall remain uncharted territory.

   Meanwhile, David had joined up with Kurt and started the process of wishing they could start a band. After a year or so, the process propogated into a bonafide effort which then resulted in them actually getting together. For the sake of argument, or lack thereof to put it more appropriately, a bit of history shall be skipped ala lapsis-calami in an effort to disguise (which is now rendered utterly moot since in its attempted discretion it is summarily brought into focus...) the fact that in reality, just prior to this, Kurt pretty much couldn't stand David. Now, that's a surprise, eh?
   Nevertheless, for history's sake (since history wouldn't be as we know it otherwise...) Kurt overcame his wonton desire to pummel the egotistical little kernigit, and they did finaly start playing music together.

   Skipping some of the seething sundries that brought David to the point of emotional break-down; his faltering marriage of a dozen plus years... David and Kurt had sealed their friendship through mutual pain and understanding (Kurt having divorced just a few years antecedent) In trying to recover some sense of purpose, the pair began recording some material with the most rudimentary of equipment.
   David brought what was left of his musical stuff to Kurt's house and set up shop. This is where several of the band's songs were conceived; "Humble Stance", "Perfect Peace", "Sin's Keep" (which only accidentally became a 'rap' song through experimental error...) and "Not my Fight", though unfortunately none of these were ever put onto a hard-drive.
Kurt discovers how stressfull recording can be...
David's "Kashmir III Recording Studio" Takes up Residence in Kurt's House.
   Then by some quirk of fate, a God-incidence--if you will, David and Roy nearly tripped over each other in the local Wal-Mart one evening. This led to David getting directions to Roy's new house so that the amplifier and speakers could be retrieved. After all, he would need them in order to procede with any kind of musical excursion with Kurt. David was still a little hurt and upset about Cross Reference evaporating into something new without him, but was unaware that Roy was also no longer with the new band. So David found himself at Roy's house to retrieve his stuff. This was around July of 2004.

   While there, David and Roy started reminiscing about the good old X-Ref days, to which David found out that Roy too was no longer a part of. In fact, Roy hadn't done anything musically in far too long a time, so they both agreed "We should get together and jam..."
   Then on the way home, David realized something important. To this day, it is often wondered why it actually took so long for the thought to sojourn in his cerebral cortex. Indeed, perhaps it was denied entry to either hemisphere and merely mucked about his corpus collosum in search of some willing neuron to synaptically engage with. Or, it could've just been the caffeine withdrawal induced head-ache. In any event, the moment he got home he dialed up Kurt (rather excitedly it is recalled) and pronounced that he had found a drummer, and would he (Kurt) be interested in getting together just to size up the situation?

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Digging up the past...Pops & Clicks -mid November 2004 to mid February 2005

   Kurt was thrilled with the idea. David called Roy, whom he had just seen nary an hour earlier, and informed him of the goings-on. Roy was thrilled with the idea. David called Kurt back to say it was a potential go. When was a good time to get together? David called Roy back with a list of days and times. Somehow or another, a mid-week day the following week was chosen. David called Kurt back to confirm. It was a go.
   The Wednesday evening prior to that particular day which was the day before Thanksgiving of 2004 became the official genesis day of the Band soon to be called Bred 2b Broken.
   What happened that evening was this: Kurt followed David to Roy's house. David introduced Kurt and Roy to one another (which was kinda' odd since both Roy and Kurt worked at SUNY Cobleskill together) and the three talked, laughed, watched the video tape from the Shepherd's Park Performance, ate lots of chocolate and drank plenty of brand name cola from cans - the official beverage of B2bB.

   The chemistry seemed just right between the three, and they agreed to meet with instruments on the Wednesday following Thanksgiving (a full two weeks later) at Roy's house. As the night waned, and the three found themselves chatting in the driveway afterward (an occurence that prevails to this very day!), Roy made mention of another guitarist whom he had worked with during the Cross Reference hiatus days, much in the same manner as Kurt had worked with David, and vice versa.
   David wanted to remain a trio, despite the fact that the trio, as it were, hadn't even played together yet. Nevertheless, the fourth member thing would be a haunt for several weeks to come.

   So they finally met with instruments on the day agreed upon. David brought back his PA speakers and guitar amplifier, as well as his recently acquired bass guitar and ultra-lame Radio Shack general midi keyboard. Since Kurt only had acoustic guitars up to this point, he ended up using David's pink Ibanez. David set about assembling the myriad of mis-matched sound equipment into something that was almost, but not quite entirely, unlike anything resembling an effective sound reinforcement system. Although entirely ineffective at reproducing a desireable sound, the system excelled at producing feedback with intermittent pops and clicks.
   They managed to get through three songs that night, none of which all of them knew. But, as beginnings go, it was the understatement of foreshadowing in the 'humble stance'. Humility would become the pride of the band.

   The next rehearsal would make the trio a quartet, with Matt hooking up with the group and by this time some of the problems with the sound system were resolved also. It was far from perfect though.
   Matt brought another perspective to the group, and added a bluesier feel to the whole atmosphere. With him came some of the material that was added to the B2bB itinerary, including "Hey Mister", "Space Explorers" and "Shangri-La", although the words of the first piece were changed to better reflect the type of lyric that the band would madrigal. But the process of morphing the individuals' pre-band works into B2bB products would effect everbody.
   For example, "Piece of Clay" which was a rather mellow piece written & recorded by David back in 1992 (see biographies) changed into a rock-ballad which has become the finale for the live set. And "Sin's Keep" which was originally supposed to be heavy metal sounding, jokingly ended up a hip-hop sounding song due to a comment made during the Kashmir III days by David to Kurt. Kurt went with the idea, and so it evolved. Yet every change made improved the original works, and conformed them into the style of the band.
   That is, if a 'style' could be defined. As the Vision Statement points out: "...we play an eclectic variety of musical genres..." This is true due equally in parts by accident, providence and cognition.

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Digging up the past...Focus -mid February to early June, 2005

   During this period we introduced many of our early pieces, as well as dredging up some old songs that I had written back in 1992. We also spent a lot of this time rehearsing like crazy to get the material down for our upcoming first gig in early June, 2005.
   During this time period also, David created our original web site which was done with 'canned software'. He was pretty much clue-less as to what he was doing, but nevertheless, we at least had a web-site. It was hoped (and then came to fruition) that he would learn how to really make a web site and then set it up.

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Digging up the past...Tacit Approval -a revisited moment in early December 2004

   One of the primary qualifying membership criterias for Bred 2b Broken is a sense of humor. Usually this sense of humor displays itself in oddly placed vocabularic anomolies, such as "The Mislabelled Shop" where supposedly one would purchase things in the wrong packaging but at a greatly discounted price. It made sense at the time, trust me.
   Other such vocabularic misplacements are the pseudonyms of several of our songs, prior to or in addition to their actual naming. These all seem to arise out of whatever nonsense is going on at the time they are introduced: "Lame Cookie Bars", "Formerly Known as song with harmonic intro/outro" to name a couple. "Tacit Approval" was similarly one of our song pseudonyms, which evolved out of David's presence at rehearsal garnering such from his then spouse.
   The point of this being such: this band is about the friendship and fun that exists when everyone is together. It's stress release and it's therapeutic. We also believe that, despite many of the external circumstances that weigh things down, it is ultimately God's Will that this band get out and spread His gospel in the manner that He has bestowed upon us. Thus, no matter whomever may simply have Tacit Approval that this endeavor propagates, God Himself gives us his Full Approval and is blessing us accordingly!

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Digging up the past...Giggin' Out -early June to late August, 2005

Richmondville NY - June 4th, 2005

   Note: Roy had a fishing tournament that morning. Matt had to work that day. Kurt and David set up for the show. A community event, well over 100 in the audience. The largest crowd to date.
   The Richmondville Days event was the first live exposure the band experienced, and despite some technical difficulties, it went rather well. The event had kiosks and venders and activities all along Main Street Richmondville (US Route 7) - including a Blackhawk Helicopter (which was the only thing louder than us!) that landed in the field behind the Ryder School. We were actually set up on the lawn in front of the school.

Joel Murray
   We not only played our music, but we included a special feature, the break dancing moves of Joel Murray which he performed during "Sin's Keep" Hold your mouse pointer over the link to watch him do his stuff! Overall, it was a great opportunity because the event is completely secular, and except for friends and family in the crowd, most in attendance weren't necessarily 'church goers', so it ended up being a genuine opportunity to witness to the 'lost', as it were.
   And they came, too. The crowd grew to somewhere between one and two hundred, with many more folks actually staying than wandering about as is typical with these 'carnival' type events. This was a definate vote of confidence, as we weren't considered the 'main attraction'. But from what we heard, pretty much everybody enjoyed and liked us and we were rather warmly received. And not only by the visitors, but by the organizers also!
Left to Right: David, Roy, Kurt, Matt
   Which is always a good thing! We have already been booked for next year's event! So if you missed us this time around, or are planning on checking us out but need plenty of advance notice in order to get the time off from work (you won't need a baby sitter since the event itself has many children's attractions too!) then be sure to be at next year's Richmondville Days event (first weekend in June, 2006 - see the Upcoming Events Calendar for details come sometime in the Spring of 2006.
   The pictures from this show were actually taken from the DVD, from which some of our music samples also come.

Hudson NY - July 9th, 2005

   Note: Roy had a fishing tournament that morning. Matt had to work that day. Kurt and David set up for the show. There were supposed to be over 300 people in attendance. Second largest crowd to date.
   The Hudson show was our first 'non-secular' gig, under a pole barn in the back lot of an AOG church just outside of Hudson NY. It is noteworthy in that it is the first time we were ever asked for our autographs.
   Kurt and David actually got there the night prior (interestingly enough, David got a traffic ticket on the way there!) to set up and prep. Nevertheless, very little was set up that evening, as it was already so dark. They actually slept outside under the pole barn under the stars!
   The next morning, after breakfast (which involved a mile walk each way) Kurt and David began setting up. This required tearing apart the stage that was there and pretty much rebuilding it with a tire iron, a screw driver and duct tape.
   During the period between setup completion and the actual start of the show, David recorded the intros to both "Humble Stance" and "Not my Fight" which are now used on the live shows and recordings. This isn't a midi file but a wave file. It seems somewhat like cheating, but is necessary because they can't be achieved with two hands!
   The crowd was extraordinarily receptive, and we made many new fans, as well as received a lot of e-mail responses. We hope to play there again.
   Unfortunately, this gig wasn't recorded in any manner, and we in fact have no pictures of the event at all. This is unfortunate. If anyone out there has any photographs of this show, please forward them to David at That would be greatly appreciated!!!

Utica NY - August 27th, 2005

   Note: Roy had a fishing tournament that morning. Matt didn't have to work that day. The show was already set-up, one of those 'walk-on-walk-off' situations. The audience was predicted to be in the several hundreds to a thousand range. Third largest crowd to date.
   Aside from showing up just in the nick of time (meaning no time to do a sound check) due to rather confusing directions (well, actually, if we were going to Columbia, South Carolina, they were fantastic...), and the redundantly stated lack of sound check, and the lack of clear monitor sound, and the fact that we were cut short - had to use someone else's amps, keyboards and drumset; plus the fact that half the audience
was brought there in our own vehicles (the other half being the sound crew plus a couple others...) the event went off with nary a hitch!
   Like the prior two live events, the Utica event was also outdoors. In this particular instance, as one can easily see from the photo to the right, we were under a tent.
   We greatly appreciate the fact that we were invited to this event, but we have vowed never to play another 'canned' event where we are forced to utilize others' equipment/sound crew.

Left to Right: David, Roy, Kurt, Matt
   In order to maintain the quality that we are accustomed to producing, it's simply necessary to utilize what we're familiar with. This is why we brought on a full time media technician. What else can be said?

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Digging up the past...1st Birthday -late August to mid November, 2005

   Shortly after our final gig of 2005, Kurt wed his lovely bride, Kimberly. We didn't do any more performances for the rest of the year, instead focusing on our studio recording.
   The recordings were all done at Roy's house, our Rehearsal Space; thus the title of our debut album. Nearly everything was captured onto video of some quality or another during the sessions. In fact, some of it can be seen on the "Wanna' Be" video.
   During this period we also brought on a new media technician, Mark Peterson. Unfortunately, he is (as of March 2006) no longer with us.

   On our anniversary rehearsal (16.Nov.2005) we actually had a big birthday bash for the band and a surprise birthday party for Kurt who managed to turn 39 years young.
   Also during this period, many new songs were introduced

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Digging up the past...Rehearsal Space -mid November, 2005 to April, 2006

SUNY Cobleskill, NY - March 23rd, 2006

   The long awaited album was finally completed and released on March 23rd, 2006 at the SUNY Cobleskill B.A.S.I.C. Event held at Bouck Hall Theater on the Campus.

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