Bred 2b Broken is an Ultra High Molecular Weight Christian Polymer Band based out of Richmondville, NY
Kurt Roy Matt David
B2bB Media and Downloads
Please feel free to enjoy our media material. The content is free for you to download and utilize for your own personal/non-commercial use only. If you would like to share it with a friend, please have them similarly visit our web site to see what we're all about. Nevertheless, please leave the files in their entirety and original form, and please do not change any of the track tags or any other identifying information.
   Remember, this material is copyrighted, and any income we generate from it gets re-invested into new equipment and time to produce new material. We want to be the best we can be to provide you with the highest quality workmanship in our songs and events--so your support will only help us to grow and improve. This has a symbiotic benefit to both our supporters and the group: we make better music, you get better music to listen to!
   So please support the band and purchase a CD when it's released (the relase of "Rehearsal Space" our very first CD is slated very soon.) In the mean time, listen to the music, look at the photos, watch the videos. Enjoy the site! And please keep in mind that we are uploading new stuff constantly (so check the site out frequently) to put the latest and greatest versions of material into your hands. However, some of this stuff is either old, first takes of new material during rehearsals, etc., and is VERY RAW, sometimes with hastily thrown together mixes. We include this to show you our passion and so you can experience the evolution of material the way we do. Perhaps this is presumptuous, and expects too much from our audience? We hope not...

Media GaleryMusic -the recordings of B2bB

Rehearsal Space

   Our first album; Rehearsal Space, is finally complete! It shall officially be released and made available for purchase on March 23rd, 2006; unveiled at our Spring concert at SUNY Cobleskill!
   Full versions of the completed tracks are no longer available on-line, but below are listed the tracks with 45 second samples of each.
Track Song Title Written By
1 Humble Stance K.Verderber
2 Shangri La M.Edmister
3 Wanna' Be K.Verderber
4 Sin's Keep K.Verderber
5 Space Explorers M.Edmister
6 I Come to Calvary K.Verderber
7 Hey Mister M.Edmister
8 Perfect Peace K.Verderber
9 Not my Fight K.Verderber, D.Snare
10 Piece of Clay D.Snare
Bred 2b Broken: Rehearsal Space
   The album cover depicts the Earth rising over the lunar surface (from the famous "Earth Rise" photograph - public domain and freely reproducible - taken by astronaut Frank Borman during Apollo 8's third lunar orbit on Christmas Eve, 1968. Appropriately, during this mission, under his urging; the first 10 verses from Genesis Chapter One were read aloud for the audience back on Earth!) The cover is a composite of that photograph superimposed over a clouded sky photograph taken by David in the spring of 2005.

   The imagery created here is a mixing of symbolism between the concept of space itself (the heavens) and the planet Earth, which ultimately is the Rehearsal Space of mankind during the human experience as gestation for what's to come, nestled in the cosmos of the heavens. It is also somewhat of a play on words in that as a band we have spent so much of our time together in Roy's basement: writing, recording, fraternizing and of course, rehearsing. Thus it has indeed become our musical Rehearsal Space.

Other Material

Item Song Title Written By Source - New Material Version Media Duration
1 Isaiah D.Snare, K.Verderber Rehearsal 18.Jan.06 (New) Full mp3 10:44
2 + The Cost C.Rogers, K.Verderber Single Full mp3 04:20
3 Mud M.Edmister Rehearsal 18.Jan.06 (New) Full mp3 05:17
  • + The Cost: Song lyric written by Chelsea Rogers. A young lady from church, she is only 16 years old, and the words show maturity much beyond her years. This is truly a special treat, and a truly beautiful song. It was recorded on 23.Dec.2005 It was actually meant to be a Christmas gift for her father that she asked Kurt to put into music. Since it very much expresses B2bB's philosophy of humility (and it's a great song) we asked for permission to utilize it which she gave, thus it is being added to our repertoire.

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DiscographyDiscography-B2bB albums

First Single - The Cost

   We are planning on releasing The Cost as a single prior to its inclusion on our second album (which is oddly enough already on its way despite the first one not being completed yet!)

   More to come on this later.

Bred 2b Broken: The Cost - A Single

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Media GaleryVideos -B2bB in Living Technique Color

Bred 2b Broken Live at SUNY Cobleskill - Bouck Theater March 23rd, 2006

   This is the complete video of the song 'Shangri La' from our performance on March 23rd, 2006 at Bouck Hall theater, SUNY Cobleskill.

Question: "Roy, what do you think about Kurt's Wedding?"

   This is a clip of David interviewing Roy immediately after the wedding ceremony between Kimberly & Kurt. Notice to the left behind Roy is our very own Mark Peterson, but this was months prior to him coming on board. Now, one word of caution: for Roy's answer to make any sense at all, you absolutely MUST read his biography first! - CLICK HERE

A brief clip of the recording of "Wanna' Be"

   This is a 29 second clip that shows (some of) the recording of "Wanna' Be", but is made more like the classical "MTV" type video. I hope y'all enjoy this, I'm really just learning how to do video too, so this whole site is like one big learning project for me.

A very early video: Sin's Keep

   This is a hysterical video, very raw in scope, but contains the antics of Bred 2b Broken. It was made with a simple USB 'web cam' while playing a rehearsal recording of Sin's Keep in the background. It's a full 5 minutes long and compressed to under 5 megabytes, so you can imagine that the quality isn't the greatest, but it's worth watching nevertheless due to it's content.
   Perhaps someday we shall have real videos? In the mean time, this will have to do!
   Take a moment to check out Roy's Nitro in the background (it has a black boat-cover, and a pink blanket over the motor...) and also about half way through the video, Roy abandons his drum sticks in favor of his real passion... a fishing rod! Also, check out Dave and Matt exercising their right to enjoy lame cookie bars!

Another Crazy Rap Song: Yo' Daddy

   This is another hysterical video! Just check it out.

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Media GaleryPhotographs -still B2bB

Media GaleryAnimations -B2bB brought to life

The Breakdancing Moves of Joel Murray

   Joel Murray Breakdance gif: this link brings you to the history page where you can watch Joel Murray breakdance to the beat (sans-music, it's just a gif, after-all!) of Sin's Keep (see above for the music) at the Richmondville Days Event.

Wanna' Be Action Video

   David made this clay-mation action video one after-noon in July of 2005. It's supposed to be Kurt with his guitar, but it looks a bit like Mr. Clean wringing a duck's neck, don't you agree? It's certainly cute! It's an mpeg with audio (of our song "Wanna' Be") and took about 4 hours to make this simple 12 second clip! Just click the "wanna-be" clay character to the left.

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