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Vision Statement
Names are full of meaning. When the Israelites pronounced a name upon one of their children, it was a picture of that child's personality...their essence, if you will. In God's eyes, we are humans born (bred) to be broken - that is stripped of our own accord, humbled before the Lord, and molded into the image of Christ. We are also to be broken bread for those around us...a continuous flow of blessing to those in our circles of influence.
Most of our music speaks of that humbling and molding process, the fact that we Wanna Be like Jesus, and that it is Not By Might but by His Spirit alone through which that transformation takes place.
We believe the Lord has brought the four of us together to share the words that He has given us. Since three of us write and compose, we play an eclectic variety of musical genres crafted together into an intelligent, energetic, entertaining, and (most importantly...) -- God-Glorifying Product!

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