Bred 2b Broken is an Ultra High Molecular Weight Christian Polymer Band based out of Richmondville, NY
Kurt Roy Matt David
B2bB Vision Statement
Names are full of meaning. When the Israelites pronounced a name upon one of their children, it was a picture of that child's personality...their essence, if you will. In God's eyes, we are humans born (bred) to be broken - that is stripped of our own accord, humbled before the Lord, and molded into the image of Christ. We are also to be broken bread for those around us...a continuous flow of blessing to those in our circles of influence.
Most of our music speaks of that humbling and molding process, the fact that we Wanna Be like Jesus, and that it is Not By Might but by His Spirit alone through which that transformation takes place.
We believe the Lord has brought the four of us together to share the words that He has given us. Since three of us write and compose, we play an eclectic variety of musical genres crafted together into an intelligent, energetic, entertaining, and (most importantly...) -- God-Glorifying Product!

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Kurt & Kimberly 6 Month Anniversary

   It seems like only 182 or so days ago that Kurt and Kimberly were 'hitching up'. Well, the 6th of February marks the half-year anniversary of that momentous occassion. The band would like to wish them a very happy 1/2 year anniversary! Which means that David now has only 6 months left to get that video done!
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 06.Feb.2006

Taking Bookings for 'Spring 2006 Tour'

   We are looking at three potential early spring gigs to occur in and around Cobleskill, NY this spring; as early as March. As soon as any of these events solidify, it will be announced here as well as the calendar of events page.
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 06.Feb.2006
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Rehearsal Space Recording Session Completed

   Remember the story of the boy who cried wolf? Well, this isn't just another example of that! It is entirely truthful: All ten songs that shall appear on Rehearsal Space HAVE finally been recorded. We are in the process of digital mixdown, with an anticipated release date of Valentines Day!
   Once it is officially released, final samples (45 seconds in length) shall be posted to the media page. Likewise, expect a new look for the media page to reflect this momentous occasion!
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB News 06.Feb.2006
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   This is where all notable Upcoming Events shall be listed with some descriptive write up. All B2bB events are listed on the Calendar of Events, so if you don't see something here, it should be there.
-ΔΠΣ for B2bB Events 01.Jan.2006
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